Mission Statement and Testimonials

“When I moved to Evergreen Court from across country, I didn’t know anyone besides my son and his family. I wondered: Would I fit in? What would life be like living with all these “old folks?”

"From the day I arrived, I felt at ease. That was ten years ago. Thanks to the friendly staff and residents at Evergreen Court, I’ve found more than a new home. I’ve found a family.”

- Doris, Evergreen Court resident

“My mother lived at several other Bellevue retirement communities before Evergreen Court. They were attractive, but the staff turned over all the time. These communities lacked consistency, which was unsettling to the residents and families."

“What a change when we moved Mom to Evergreen Court! Many of the staff have worked here for years. More important, they treat residents with respect and welcome their family members. I’ve even had the opportunity to teach an art class. The smiles and appreciation are so gratifying. I’m so glad Evergreen Court is here, providing my Mom and the other residents a place to call home.”

- Carol, daughter of an Evergreen Court resident

“I enjoy Evergreen Court because you can be as active as you want. And if you don’t want to participate, that’s OK, too. When new residents move in, we give them a special tote bag filled with things like band-aids, a pen, candy-- for those first few days. When the word gets out that we have a new resident, the neighbors greet them, so the newcomer will become a new friend.

“Besides the great people, Evergreen Court has wonderful surroundings. I have a special flower garden area near my apartment, filled with colorful flowers. It’s beautiful. “Evergreen trees, patios and courtyards are all part of Evergreen Court’s charm. I love living here.”

- Rosa, Evergreen Court resident